First Class Aerobatic Experiences and Upset Recovery Training

Clive Collisson is a retired Airline Captain having flown with Ryanair on the Boeing 737- 800, has been a Flying Instructor since 1976 and has a total of over 13,000+ hours on over 50 different types of aircraft including golden oldies such as Miles Magister, BA Swallow, Tiger Moth, Auster, Chipmunk, Avro 748, DH Comet 4b & 4c and B737-200. Qualifications include:

  •  FI(A) (Including Aerobatics) SEP & MEP Aircraft

  • TRI Boeing 737 300-900

  • MPL Instructor

  • Graduate of APS Upset Prevention & Recovery Training

This Extra is considered to be the "Formula One" aeroplane of aircraft. It is a highly maneuverable aircraft capable of performing high g aerobatics and has a high power to weight ratio. Extras were used in World Aerobatics Championships and the Red Bull Air Race.


For the Technically Minded, G-MIII

Is a two seat monoplane with steel tube construction and carbon fibre wing. It was previously operated by Brian Lecomber and then wore the red and white livery of the Microlease Corporation.

It is Certified to +/- 10g, has a Lycoming AEIO-540 engine  (9 litres) producing 300hp at 2700 rpm. It sports a Mulbauer MT 3 bladed constant speed propeller, consumes 60 litres of AVGAS 100LL per hour and has a max level speed of 170kts, a VNE of 220kts and an inverted oil and fuel system.