Brian Lecomber

Brian Lecomber was the British Freestyle Aerobatic Champion, flying over 6,000 hours with nearly 300 hours in displays. He acquired G-MIII from Walter Extra and displayed it in the Microlease livery. Later, as his attention turned to writing he sold G-MIII to Rob Berger and we now fly her from Sywell Aerodrome.

Of flying aerobatic displays, Brian had many words to say. One comment that struck a chord with Gary Numan as he pondered his future in display flying was simply this ...

"The day you start to hope you get around a manoeuvre, rather than know, get out".

Good advice indeed.

Brian died on 24th September 2015 following a long illness.



Achtung Spitfire!

My dear father recently gave me a birthday present that allowed me to fulfil a lifelong ambition to fly a Supermarine Spitfire Mark IX. The flight was recorded and can be seen in the video section of this website. It was with Classic Wings operating Spitfire MJ627 out of the Imperial War Museum at Duxford Aerodrome near Cambridge.

The Spit is a lovely aircraft to fly. Very sensitive in pitch and easy to roll. Suffice it to say, the crew at Classic Wings want to look after their lovely aircraft and so we kept the power low and the manoeuvres gentle but that didn't matter. There is something special about looking out of the cockpit at the earth passing slowly below under those beautiful elliptical wings.

What a day!

What an adventure!

Thank you dad.


As Autumn morphs into Winter, daylight is a rare commodity with lights out at 16:00 hrs. The only thing to do now is to retreat to the bar and ponder the lack of aviation. Despite the occasional bright day, mostly we sit in gloom and wish for spring to spring!

Winter is the time for maintenance and soon G-MIII will be taken into Brookland's hangar and work will begin readying the beast for the new year ahead.


Autumn is wonderful in so many ways but the weather is not so great for the thing we love to do and thats tool around the fluffy clouds at 160 knots. On days like today, we retreat into our minds and imagine the feelings of elation and freedom only flying the Extra can elicit. Bring on the crisp sunny mornings of winter so we can roll back the hangar doors and get flying again.